Dr Shafiq (Ph.D)

Dr Shafiq is a graduate from the University of Manchester and Manchester Business School. He is an ex-full member of The Federation of Ethical Hypnotists (FESH). 

He has a Ph.D from American International University (AIU) in Pastoral Hypnotherapy. His dissertation was to do with pain control using wide awake approach hypnosis.

He also learnt informally from the late Gil

Boyne (American hypnotist/ Therapist)


Awake Trance Therapy and

Positive Effect Hypnosis.

With Awake Trance Therapy the patient does not need to close eyes or go to 'sleep'.

Hypnotherapy is a very safe and relaxing therapy that influences our subconscious mind. This offers a powerful tool in altering our behaviour and emotions as the majority of our actions are decided at a subconscious level.

During a session you will enter a state of deep relaxation but will remain fully aware and awake and in control.

Any problem that stems from the mind can benefit from Hypnotherapy such as phobias, stress/ anxieties, substance dependancy, confidence/ motivation and depression and stammering. Other conditions treated are Bed wetting, Insomnia and assistance in childbirth (Hypnobirthing) and help in the cessation of smoking.

Dr Shafiq is always happy to discuss any problems with you.

​Tel: 07513 115746

Osteopathy in Alderley Edge and Heaton Moor