​Manual Lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a therapy designed to improve the functioning of the Lymphatic system. MLD is a gently rhythmical treatment which stimulates the lymphatic vessels to contract. This results in metabolic waste products and excess fluids being removed from the body's tissues and being reabsorbed by the Lymphatic system. This Lymphatic fluid is then passed through the Lymph nodes and cleansed of dead cells, bacteria and other toxins. The filtered Lymph is then returned to the blood stream.

MLD for the face ​is one of the most sought after facials. It has been described as a face lift without the cosmetic surgery. MLD hydrates the skin while working to eliminate excess fluid in the face. The stimulated Lymph vessels drain away the toxins absorbed from make-up, pollution. No products are applied to the skin and no machinery is used. MLD relies on the natural resources of the Lymphatic system to drain and replenish the skin leaving​ cleaner and clearer skin.  

MLD is also used for :  Promoting healing of scars

                                           Managing Lymphoedema/ Lipoedema

​                                           Promoting healing of wounds and burns

                                           Recovery from dental work

                                           Treating Chronic Fatigue

                                           Helps recovery from Surgical procedures

                                           Reduces fluid congestion such as tired 

                                           puffy eyes and pre-menstrual syndrome

                                           Improves the appearance of old scars          


Osteopathy in Alderley Edge and Heaton Moor

​Manual Lymphatic Drainage   (unavailable at present)